Through playful as well as challenging improvisation frames, we travel in this workshop through different levels of experience of space and time, and discover new ways to perceive our body in motion and in relation to each other.
In the dance we locate ourselves in the space and in the group, and at the same time become aware of the bodily sensations that arise.
Curious, vulnerable, touchable: In an unbiased movement exchange with others, we allow their “other” in ourselves and discover the in-between as a common horizon.

The workshop is suitable for anyone who is interested in new body and perception experiences.

– 13/14 of October : 16-18.30/13:30-16:00
– 27th &. 28th of October :13:30-16:00 Uhr

Venue :
Lützner Straße 29,
04177 – Leipzig

Price at discretion and capability : 20-30€ / Week-end

Information and registration